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White dragon story

The white dragon is small and intelligent. He lives in frigid, icy climates — usually arctic areas, but sometimes very high mountains. He travels alone, and he has a very good memory. He prefers the solitude of snowy plains and caves, far away from the warming rays of the sun.

A white dragon can be identified by his sharp, intelligent-looking eyes and intense expression. His scales resemble fur, or even feathers, in places. His wide feet and sharp claws help him to walk atop snow banks. An aura of coldness seems to emanate from the white dragon.

If you ever met the white dragon, know, he is always ready to help you. He will always be a quick, safe and faithful.  We know it, because this story is not only about the mysterious creature, but it is also about us – the shipping company called “White Dragon Shipping”.


Dragon fruit - pūķa auglis



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